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It’s Tree-mendous!

June 29th, 2018 · No Comments

I was sitting outside on my shaded deck early this week, enjoying my peppers and tomatoes growing and just taking in summer in all its glory.  I started looking around at all my trees and my wall of arborvitaes.  While I love the privacy they provide, they need a serious manicure.  We have a tree limb going over our shed and home that could cause major damage if it came down.  My crab apple tree  needs some serious love and I have learned that I have a version of invasive buck-thorn down my fence line.  My lilac tree in the front yard is also pushing up against our home.  My list can keep going, but time has flown by so fast that I have neglected taking proper care of my landscaping.  Me of all people, when I know curb side appearance is key for your home.  Shame, Shame.  It just creeps up on you when you’re running around so much!
I called a local arborist over to give my trees and bushes a major face lift.  After the bid was over and talking with the arborist, I found myself having a new appreciation for trees.  The arborist lit up with happiness when he talked about all my trees and how he and his crew are looking forward to having “fun” on my property.  After he left I dug around online to learn more about trees and how they impact homeowners and our environment.  He inspired me.
Trees provide shade, animal habit, color, and beauty to the home.  Be sure to select the right tree for your yard, garden or boulevard.  The most common trees in our state according to the U of M Extension are boxelder, hackberry and river birch.  River birch is the most popular for its ornamental peeling bark.  My neighbor wouldn’t agree though. She’s tired of picking up branches from hers! Hackberry is great for a boulevard tree and it provides fruit for wildlife.  Boxelder is a very hardy tree and not commonly grown for ornamental value.
Trees give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to wildlife. Some can live for thousands of years and some can grow 300+ feet.  They are global game changers and provide many uses when cut down.  Trees can be “fun” and now I understand why talking about trees made the arborist so excited.  Grateful for them, take great care of them and consider planting one or two to help our environment.
Back to summer time. Stay Cool!
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