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AC Units will be Cranking Soon – Are you ready?

May 22nd, 2018 · No Comments

We’re coming off the coldest and snowiest April on record. We’ve had a couple tastes of spring and summer, now tonight I’m typing on a cool damp night with the current temperature at 52 degrees.  Hard to believe I’m drinking my hot chocolate to stay warm just days before Memorial Day weekend.  To get caught up, I got all my flowers potted up and a big thanks to Greenwood Plants for all your help.  Be sure to check out my videos on Facebook (more videos to come).  My yard is all cleaned up and I’m enjoying all the green and the tress are awake.  I also enjoy seeing the farmers hitting the rolling fields in Olmsted County.  May they have a great growing season!  Problem in the short term.  Where’s that huge globe of light in the sky to warm us up.  Well it looks like summer weather will come in full stride by the end of the week, so end to my rant.  Bring on the summer weather, thunderstorms and fun on the Honkers deck.
Many of you may have started up your air conditioners with a brief touch of summer temps, and I believe looking at the forecast, all of us will be cranking them up very soon.  Having an AC is one of those things we all take for granted.  Homeowners need to take great care of the their heating and cooling units.  You should get a yearly inspection to make sure all the moving parts are in good working order and that you have proper levels of coolant.  Check your compressor outside.  Last year I learned that so many lawn clippings had collected in my compressor that they literally could be peeled off. Imagine the stress on the unit!. Be sure to check your air filters and make sure they are clean.   A dirty filter will make your system work harder and that will cost you money in the long run. Be sure to check that filter more frequent if you have pets.  Fur and pet dander can really add up.  According to the US Department of Energy, replacing your filter can lower your AC consumption by 5 to 15%.  Save big bucks too by switching to a smart thermostat. Repair or replace any damaged pipe insulation.  Clean the supply vents and return grills.  These are just a few tips to keep things cool while trying to save your money.
Lets cheer on the up coming summer blast!  Be sure to lather up on the sunscreen.  That’s the mom in me :)
Until next time…
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