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Curb Appeal – Still Hoping for Spring

April 10th, 2018 · No Comments

Well let’s just simply clear the air right away. I know my previous blog was a bit ambitious talking about spring and what I love about a season that seems so far away. I heard on the local news tonight that a man hunt is on for that darn groundhog that predicted a longer winter. State patrol in Pennsylvania are investigating.

I will continue to believe eventually spring will arrive even though chances for more snow and cold are in the forecast. With that said, in between seasons it’s obviously too early to get going on any yard work. You can start doing a few things now and make plans down the road to make your home have better curb appeal. A house with great curb appeal looks loved and well taken care of by the owner/owners. A property that has gorgeous landscaping, a well maintained think green lawn, manicured trees and shrubs will really ramp up the wow factor for any potential buyer, or you simply taking pride in the biggest investment in your life.

Until the mounds of snow leave, you can start by getting a lot of clutter off your property. Get rid of any items laying around from the winter or even piles of leaves still from last fall. Anything you deam as an eyesore; pitch it. Old planters, hoses, tree branches, to old cars. If it isn’t attractive or neccesary just thin it all out.

It’s too early to discuss lawn care due to our current state of said snow mounds and the frost depth is still very deep. On a few of the recent mild days we’ve had I’ve seen people raking their yards getting debris up from the winter. It’s too soon for that and you’ll do a lot of damage to the lawn. Be patient.

The area around your front door is key. It’s the first thing people see and the last. Make a big impression! Clean the area down when possible and start thinking of ways to make it look very inviting like planters with gorgous flowing flowers. Maybe some solar lights along the walkway to the front door for added light at night. This is still the down time to plan and organize. Go to some home and garden stores, look around online and brainstorm new fresh ideas to take your look to a new level.

Are your trees in need of some love. Healthy trees are very important for your curb appeal and the added shade cuts down on AC costs and watering of the lawn during those warm months. Call a local arborist for proper trimming and most well trained crews will look your trees over for the overall health of your trees. Speaking of health, Emerald Ash Borer is a growing problem in our area. Beautiful trees are being destroyed by the insects. Some arborists can inject fluids into your trees to protect them otherwise the trees will become a threat due to weakening and could crash onto your home. If you need a local arborist, I can refer to you one of the best in town.

I closing, these things I mentioned will keep you and your mind busy until we can truly break ground to give your home that extra curb appeal. It truly matters and it can make or break a deal.

Think warm thoughts my friends…



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