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Ready. Set. Go Organize Your Kitchen!

May 4th, 2010 · No Comments

Removing clutter from your kitchen can be easy with a strategy. For an organized kitchen, follow these helpful tips.

Prep the kitchen. Go through your regular kitchen clean up routine. Clear countertops, empty the dishwasher and fill your sink with hot soapy water to quickly clean dusty and dirty items.  Get your summer dishes out for the nice weather in Southeast Minnesota!

Grab bins. Use four big bins or tubs for sorting your kitchen clutter into the following categories:

  1. Belongs in kitchen (for the season you probably wont need those hot chocolate mugs in the summer in Rochester!! Get out your lemonade glasses!)
  2. Belongs elsewhere (take items that do not belong in the kitchen out!)
  3. Storage (Store holiday items in this bin!)
  4. Donations

Gather garbage bags. A couple of big garbage bags will be needed for items that you want to discard.

Start sorting. Go through one drawer or one cupboard at a time. Pull items out of the storage space and utilize the bins to help you decide what to keep or toss.

Ask questions. As you look at the items, ask yourself when that item was last used.

  • If the answer is never or more than a year ago, that item should go in a garbage bag or the donation bin.
  • If it’s been more than a month since an item has been used, put the item in the storage box.
  • If it’s something you use often, put it back in its spot or in one of the belongs bins.

Put away bin items. Once you’ve gone through your kitchen, you will be ready to take action on the items in the four bins. Now that your kitchen items are categorized into different groups, you will be able to efficiently relocate them to their appropriate spots.

Kitchens are a main piece to a home.  This is where family meals are prepared and time is spent.  Make your kitchen a place you enjoy and know where things are at.

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